Monday, March 19, 2012

Mars Needs Movie Go-ers.



Just this...

Was quite disappointed to find out that Disney declared "John Carter" to be an official "flop".

Which means that the odds of it getting a sequel, let alone the sequel it deserved, are very slim indeed.

Tars Tarkas is confused...Why didn't you like his movie?

I know that the critics hated it, to my confusion.  Doug Walker, a critic I have a great deal of respect for even compared it to "Stargate".  (A movie I hated)  Which confused the heck out of me, because I really didn't see the connection.  As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I loved this, and I will be buying the DVD.  Perhaps a familiarity with the books was required for enjoyment, I don't know.

(Although my sister hasn't read them and she liked it...)

But, 200 Million dollars pretty much speaks for itself.

Disney hopes to make up the difference with The Avengers and Brave, later this year, both movies I am looking forward to, even with this looming over my head.

I just felt like sharing my sad feelings...

Nothing I can do but vent.


  1. There is a two word answer for why John Carter didn't do well.

    The Lorax.

  2. Hmm... that's surprise after hearing you rave about "John Carter", Yensid. You usually have such excellent taste. Sadly, I wasn't able to see it as my nearest theater is a fair journey away and I haven't had much time to myself lately.

    But I'll definitely pick it up on DVD when I get the chance.